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July 19, 2011


Dogs on Facebook 

Dubbed "petworking," more and more owners are creating profiles for their pets on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and pet-specific sites like Critter.

According to a study commissioned by pet insurance company PetPlan, 1 in 10 pets in the U.K. have their own online profile, and more than half of pet owners share photos of their pet online. Some pets have even become famous solely because of their presence on the internet; if you've spent any time surfing through YouTube videos, you've probably seen Maru, the lovably bumbling Japanese cat whose 200 videos have almost 140,000 subscribers.

The popularity of pets on social media sites makes sense, says social media specialist Stephen Davies. "As social networking plays an increasingly important role in our lives, it's only natural that our pets become part of the phenomenon too. We use sites like Facebook and Twitter as an extension of our real-world selves and when we think of our pets as part of the family we want them involved too." Neil Brettell of PetPlan notes that "animals are more popular than celebrities on Facebook and other social networking sites." The animals are also probably much less likely to Tweet career-destroying pictures.

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