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New Year's Resolutions - Suggestions

Making resolutions is the easy part.

Let us know how well you follow through on them.  Here they are:

1. Schedule a visit to the vet. If you've been putting off a routine exam, blood work or vaccinations and are past due, do it in January. Being proactive and staying on top of vet visits may prevent something more serious down the line.

2. Keep up with routine maintenance this year. If you got off track with heartworm and flea treatments or grooming, now is the time to get back on schedule.

3. Look into purchasing pet health insurance or plan on setting aside money each month for emergency vet bills. You never know when something will come up, so why not do it before it's too late?

4. Put a collar with an ID tag on your dog or cat. If the current tag has an old phone number, get down to your local pet supply store and make a new one. They have those fun do-it-yourself machines that only take a minute.

5. Research different diets and get your pet on the most feasible one for health and longevity. If feeding a commercial food that you aren't sure is the greatest, spend some time at a pet supply store weighing the pros and cons of the various brands available.

6. Plan a routine exercise schedule if you have a dog. What helps your dog can help you. If you will be walking, set goals and gradually increase the distance. Or why not supplement it with regular romps at the dog park? Socialization and exercise are good for both dog AND human.

7. Volunteer some of your time or donate to a local animal shelter or rescue. Shelters and rescues can always use manpower, money and supplies. One way you can help is to either foster or sponsor a shelter pet. Just a little bit out of your monthly budget can go a long way for a homeless animal.



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