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November 25, 2010

Safety Tips for Dogs During Thanksgiving

Dog & Turkey No Matter the Size of the Dog - Don't Leave the Turkey Unattended

Safety Tip Number one: Make sure the turkey isn’t in reach of your dogs. Doodle was not an athletic dog and still the smell of the turkey turned her into a Border Collie jumping over a 24 inch agility jump. What doesn’t appear reachable on another day, may be on Thanksgiving.

Safety Tip Number two: No turkey bones for Fido, no matter how cute he looks begging. Dogs have been known to choke on turkey bones and internal organs can be damaged by sharp shards of bone.

Safety Tip Number three: No sharing food from the holiday table. The food may be too rich and feeding dogs from the table rewards them for begging, which only encourages them to do it more. Teaching your dog to “go to their bed” or “go to their crate” has many benefits on Thanksgiving and all days. An alternative to table-feeding is to grate some carrots and chop some other fresh vegetables and put it in Fido’s dog dish as a reward when he’s exhibiting good behavior.

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