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Flea and Tick Season

Folks, the flea and tick season is back! You can use the flea and tick seasonal map below to see the duration of your state's season. Be aware that flea and tick season has slight regional variations.

Flea and Tick Seasonal Map

The best way to keep your pet away from fleas and ticks is to take preventative steps before an infestation occurs. Fleas are the most common pet parasite, and the nasty bugs your pet is most likely to encounter. Ticks, although occurring less frequently, will pose just as much of a nuisance to you and your pet.

For some helpful tips to save your furry friends from the itch please click here.     

Some of the products that have proven effective in treating and preventing fleas and ticks include K9 AdvantixAdvantage, Frontline Plus, Frontline Top Spot, and Program among others.


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