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December 05, 2008

Why we do not sell on Amazon anymore

Because Amazon closed our store. That's right, they sent us an email that said "...we have blocked your selling account. Your open listings have been cancelled and you may no longer sell on our site..."

The only way to contact them is via email, and our request for a telephone conversation resulted in this email: "While we understand your concern, we regret that the Seller Performance Team does not offer telephone support. We may be reached via e-mail at"

Now, to put thing in perspective, we are infinitesimally small compared to However, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We go out of our way to deal with all kinds of errors that happen outside of our control, such as misdelivered packages, and the ones that get lost in transit. We send replacements without waiting for returns, we send replacements for any package that gets mishandled or simply stolen. Above all, we COMMUNICATE. We call, email, call again. We empathize!

Not so with folks at Amazon.  They have their own rules and that's that.  One of their rules says that to list a product one must find a corresponding one on their site or sold by one of the other vendors.  One of our employees had set up a site that sold unique products, imported porcelain goods. It was listed on Amazon under some strange category which did not fit. When he listed porcelain under the category that fit it best, his listings did very well... until his store got abruptly closed by Amazon, many months later.   Fast-forward to present time. His name is on our corporate card that was used to open the Amazon merchant account.  This looks like a perfectly valid reason for people at Amazon to say "we don't care that you spent time and effort to list your products with us. We don't care that you spent time and effort to integrate your systems with ours. We don't care to COMMUNICATE with you!"

Understood.  We will not. We will also never do any business with Amazon. And we will advise you to do the same. Why would you think that people at Amazon care if this is how they treat their partners?

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